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StreamSide Bunnies
Thank you for visiting StreamSide Bunnies. We are a medium sized lionhead rabbitry
located in Northeast Ohio (Massillon/Canton area), focusing on Lionheads for show,  
breeding, and as pets.  I was introduced to the breed in 2000, and since then have
developed very strong lines that hold their manes very well with solid body type. .
Streamside bunnies carries mostly all the COD colors including: Sable Point, Tort, Black,  ,
Chestnut, Blue Tort, Smoke Pearl, Blue, and Opal. AOV colors include Sable Point
Martens, Japanese Harlequin, Japanese Magpie,  with a heavy focus on dilutes and
martens.. If there is a color you might be interested in and don't see it on the for sale page,
feel free to contact me because it very well may be in the nest box. .
Bryon Jones
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The Future of Streamside Bunnies
This is just a few of the beautiful lionhead does we have been getting lately. All 5
of these little girls will be involved in our breeding program over the next 3-5
years. All are out of Wetzel's Indigo and his son Streamside's Timmy, which has
been a line that has continually produced strong manes and nice body type.
From left to right: Streamsides Blue Bird (DM Blue), Streamsides Sioux (Dm
Black), Streamsides Tecumapese (DM Smoke Pearl), Streamsides Sacajawea
(DM Chestnut), Streamsides Honeysuckle.